Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What is a concept?

Definition: A notion or statement of an idea, expressing how something might be done or accomplished, that may lead to an accepted procedure.  

The necessity to have an immediate concept when starting a project is something that I think I have struggled with this year. I feel that it takes me a long time to come up with reasons as to why I create something. I guess the way I work is to get inspiration and then see what my hands draw or stick together. This is why I find the early tutorials quite challenging when asked to explain what i'm doing. We started this last project of the year 2 weeks ago and only now have I sort of got my head around it.  
My current idea started when I first saw the image on the left, I was interested in the way the wooden panels had been set out in a consistent order, flowing all the way onto the covering roof. The way that light was able to shine through and create these perfect regular shapes on the floor really enticed me. 
Therefore, I decided to take this idea through into my own design; I scurried off in between lectures to the model shop to purchase some sticks of MDF from which I would try to recreate the vision I saw in my head, ( I know that never works, but I thought i'd give it a try). 
My first thought was to create the entrance into the bakery (sorry I forgot to mention that this project involves the remake of an Algerian Patisserie which has to include a place for the bakers and their families to live in) similar to the image on the left. From there I moved onto where I imagined the cafe seating area would be, and here still using the element of the timber structure I created a higher space almost 1.5x height, and on top I repeated the image- here I would imagine a sort of outdoor garden-like balcony would be. After this I was stuck.
It was only after sitting there staring into space did my actual concept come to me; I would use these wooden panels as rythm for the whole structure. Instead of my initial idea of having everything open plan, I would frame certain views using the panels and place a series of them in certain places around the cafe. This I feel would create a sense of mystery and intrigue, the kitchen of the bakery wouldn't be private, but from certain angles would only be seen through this wooden structure. Same with where the the cakes and bread would be sold; people will be intrigued to come up and take a closer look inside in comparison to the more open plan seating area. Customers could also be able to have some privacy and be sheltered from others in spaces surrounded by these panels.  Curiosity and Intrigue. Thats what I'm going for, god knows I will probably keep changing this design, but at last I have some sort of concept.

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