Monday, 23 April 2012

Snap Snap

My latest purchase from Ebay arrived a few days ago! I've been looking for a replacement film camera for ages, since my last one broke ( something along the lines of me trying to pull out the film when it wasn't finished because it wouldn't take the photos, so I damaged it even more ). I scoured the web and tumblr for inspiration, and came across the wonderful OLYMPUS TRIP 35! It's a 35mm camera, first introduced in 1967; its name is a reference to the fact that it was created as a compact camera for people to take on holiday with them. It is known for taking well exposed, sharp pictures so I am excited to see how it will take to my out of date film. Also, because the camera has a selenium light meter, it means that it requires no batteries. However, to take a good quality picture with this camera, an external flash needs to be used unless you are in good daylight or shining a lamp on the object. Therefore, when I was searching through Ebay, I was looking for ones that already came with a flash, so perhaps I actually paid more than I should have for the camera (£17+ £5 P&P). Nevertheless, I have taken a few photographs already and I am excited to carry on using it and to see how the film turns out! I'll keep you updated :)


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  2. looks nice

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