Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Working Life

Finish Third Year: Done
Graduation: Done
Celebratory Summer Holiday: Done
Apply for Jobs: Done
Get first Job: Done

The above pretty much sums up my last year and the transition from Architecture School to a real job in the design world.  Moving back home to London after three years up north has been quite a big readjustment period and after a few months I have now settled in and am in the swing of things. Being at home with my family has actually been quite lovely and involves lots of bonuses, such as spending more time with my mum and sister, the fridge thats stocked full of tasty food and my ironing being occasionally done for me! However, the shift from university life to waking up at 7am every morning for work has been quite challenging, as well as working the full eight hour days, which it made it feel a bit like being back at school to start with. Nevertheless, I am feeling quite established now and am enjoying my job and so I'm very determined that I make the most of my free time. I don't want to be one of those people that only lives for the weekend.... so I have decided to put some of my energy back into this blog, where I want to reflect on architecture, design, photography, fashion and social and cultural agendas that are important to me. (yes, I realise thats a long list!).  So, please bear me while I get this going and thanks for reading! 



Here are some photos from my holiday to Greece:

oh and Graduation! (me on the left and my BF stellee on the right)

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